The Ananda Yoga Circle offers Classical Yoga Classes in East Belfast and Holywood. It was founded in 2006 by a group of traditionally trained yoga teachers dedicated to keeping the ancient teaching of yoga alive.  The classes explore the harmonising and rebalancing effects of ancient yogic teaching through the practice of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, mantra, kriya and yoga nidra - allowing the students to begin to experience the benefits of meditation and complete relaxation restoring themselves to their natural state of wellbeing. Yoga has evolved from the concept that there is a subtle connection between the individual, the world and the cosmos - once we become aware of this connection an all levels our creativity is awakened and we bcome fulfilled in all spheres of life.  This connection is found from within ourselves and yoga is the science of inner exploration. 


September Enrolments 

We are now accepting enrolements for courses starting September 2014. You can download an enrolment form here but please do check with us to make sure that there is a place available on the class of your choice.

Belast Metropolitan College is also accepting enrolments for the Tuesday night classes. Search for "Leisure Yoga" when you visit their website:

Weekend Workshop in October

11 & 12 October 2014 - Yoga and Meditation for a Quiet Mind

Peter Bligh is visiting Belast in October and will be co-hosting a Meditation Workshop with Alison at the Maitri Studio, Albertbridge Road, Belfast

You can download a brochure and registration details for this event HERE  


 New Practical Restorative Class

On Wednesday 10th September we start a new class at Source Wellbeing Centre, Beersbridge Road, Belfast.  This class is suitable for anyone who is suffering from a debiliating illness that might make a general yoga class too demanding.  It is following on from the success of the Restorative Class we held in Bangor last term which unfortunately has had to discontinue due to the closure of the Studio we were hiring. 

"...continue with your yoga class, it seems to be doing more for you than I can" what a student with COPD told us her consultant said during a regular check up.