Ananda Yoga Circle
Ananda Yoga Circle

Qualifications & Diplomas

Alison is constantly updating her qualifications and undergoes continuous professional development each year.  It has to be said that this is done out of love of the subject but she likes to share as much as possible with her students. 

The Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland

Yoga Teacher Training Diploma


Speciality Areas

Asana, Pranayama, Anatomy and Physiology, Principles of Teaching, Yoga Philosophy, Meditation and Kriyas, Stress Management and Relaxation


Year Graduation:  2007           Hours:  600 +



 The Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland

Certificate of Anatomy and Physiology

with Dr Ruth Gilmore



 Cells, tissues, organs and body systems; Integuementary System; Skeletal System; Joints, Muscel Tissues and Muscle; Respiratory System;Heart and Circulation;Nervous System : Stress, Panic Attacks, Stroke, MS;   Endocrine System: Thyroid Problems, Diabetes;   Urinary and Reproductive Systems including General Yoga Class and Pregnancy;  Digestive System;  Blood and Lymphatic System.


Year:  2007  


 The Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland

Post Graduate Certicate in Advanced Yoga Studies

with Mairead Flynn and Roshan Kinkead



Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Raja Yoga (including Kriyas)


Year:  2008          Hours:   100


The Ananda Yoga Circle

 Param Para Course of Study in Satyananda Tradition

with Helan MacBroom, (Parasmani),

BWY, IYF, All India Council of Yoga



All aspects of Classical Yoga including Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Nada Yoga,  Swara Yoga, Tantric Yoga


10 year course of study   Hours:  1000+


 The Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland

Tutor Training Certificate


Area of Speciality

Yoga Philosophy and Meditation


Year:  2012          4 year course of study


New Skills Academy

Mindfullness Diploma


History and Background;  MeditationPractices,Therapies and Benefits;  Mindfullness-Based Interventions - Applications and Benefits; Mindfull Parenting; Mindfullness Meditation Practices; Experiences of Mindfullness, Mindfullness in Daily Life,  Mindfull Leadership


Year Graduation:  2017 



Of Course

Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma


History, Background & Benefits; The Human Brain, Consious and Subconsious; Eight Rules of the Mind; The Hypnotic State; Exemplar Inductions;  The Hypnosis Session; Preparing Inductions; Client Consultations; Self Hypnosis.


Year Graduation:  2017 



Yoga Buddies with NSPCC

Safeguarding Yound People In Yoga


with Paul Stephension

NSPCC, Child Protection In Sport Advisory Officer


Year:  2008    

Bisp Training

Emergency First Aid


 Date:   21 Mar 2015      Valid to: March 2018


Usui Shiki Ryoho

Third Degree, Master Level in Reiki


with Christine McBride

Reiki and Seichim Master Teacher


 Date:   2007


University of Ulster

BA in Business Studies


 Specialising in Finance


Ananda Yoga Circle offers regular community classes at Wandsworth Community Centre on Wednesday Evenings ...


New Courses Starting 6 March

1-2-1 or Small Group


Individual session cost £40 per session or £200 for 6.


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