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Here`s what people are saying about Ananda Yoga Circle, The Yoga Room Holywood and Alison Roberts

"A huge thank you for  two most enjoyable workshops. I feel I have come a full circle now, having been doing yoga for years but just ticking over so to speak. I have explored other avenues in search of answers - looking at all sorts of things from psychology to mysticism - and you have neatly put it all in a nut shell under the umbrella of yoga which as we all know is vast in its scope. It is much easier to look in one direction for the answers instead of all over the place. Today, I came home feeling so at peace with myself."

Catherine  attendee at Secrets to Successful Meditation and Yoga in Daily Life

"Had the best reiki session this morning , you truly are a master of the Art you have refreshed my energy & balanced me I was physically and emotionally drained when I arrived, I feel so so much better already x I knew I needed it ! Thank you �  New text box"  Joanne

"Alison demonstrates a deep and passionate love of yoga and a gift for offering to this knowledge onto others ...whilst her class is deep, it is easy to follow ...without over elaborating or being imtimadating Alison creates and experience which allows you to understand the true meaning of yoga" Trainee Teacher - Yoga Studio International

Dear Alison,  sorry I forgot to thank you,  My headache left during our yoga class and my tears were just a release from pain.  Thank you , you're a star!  Love Cristel  

"Fantastic sessions and Alison is a wonderful instructor. I would highly recommend!"  *****  Ashleigh Hyland (from Facebook Review)

"Not quite what I expected, but so much better , it gave me complete peace, an amazing experience, highly recommended." *****  Anne Borrett (from Facebook Review)

"I've been going to Alison for about 2 years and she is by far the best yoga teacher I have had over the last twenty years. Today we got to visit the Yoga Room, what a gorgeous space she has. And the meditations she led us through we're fabulous."

Ruth Pringle (from Facebook Review)

"Loving the class, it's changed my life for the better."


"I cannot tell you how much attending your class has meant and means to me. How much it has already made a difference in my life and I thank you profoundly for it,  for your kindness and your care."


"The Reflexology Room NI has a new and exciting neighbour at 114 High Street, Holywood...The Yoga Room Holywood! This is a fabulous intimate space created by my own yoga teacher, Alison, for 1-2-1 or small groups. Alison is a truly wonderful teacher...Check out her FB page for more details."


" We are all feeling so positive since we starting taking your class and you definately have a lovely calming effect on us all, and that's no easy feat."

Private message via Facebook

" Alison grounds her wisdom teaching in accessable Yoga practices in her "practical philosophical" approach"

The Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland

" I have been attending your classes in the leisure centre in Holywood for the past number of weeks and I must say that, although I am totally inflexible, a green horn and quite rubbish at it,  I have absolutely loved your course and certainly really want to continue with yoga."

Regular Attendee!

"Thank you for running such a wonderful class, I get so much out of it."

"Many thanks for running such a great yoga class. It keeps me calm and positive.  Sign me up for next year again!"


"Sorry I missed your class on Tuesday – I wanted to say thanks for accepting me into your class and adapting the lesson during my pregnancy. It was much appreciated and I thoroughly enjoyed every class. I’ve done yoga over the years, but found that I got a greater understanding of the impact of the poses on both my body and wellbeing. You’re a fantastic teacher with an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, the practice of yoga and meditation, so I am delighted to have been party to your teaching!"

Ananda Yoga Circle offers regular community classes at Wandsworth Community Centre on Wednesday Evenings ...


New Courses Starting 6 March

1-2-1 or Small Group


Individual session cost £40 per session or £200 for 6.


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